We are a multidisciplinary design company with over 15 years plus of experience, spanning both traditional and digital mediums. Lead by Erick Puentes; we provide a synergistic relationship between print and digital, which allows us to translate a clients’ ideas into effective designs. These range from but not limited to; logo design, branding, print design, web design/assets, product photography, advertising, and more. With every project, we consider ourselves an extension of our clients’ business. We’re not just a hired gun but a partner. It allows us to help you navigate and advise on each project so that we can arrive at the best possible solution. It translates into successful designs to better communicate your company’s goals. We go above and beyond so you can focus on other things.

Our Philosophy

A Partner, not just a hired gun.

We believe that any good branding and effective design requires more than being a service provider. It requires a ‘partner.’ It requires understanding the clients overall business, understanding needs, and asking the questions that can create opportunities for the business overall.

Honest and Responsible

As a business, 'making a profit' is a goal and a necessity, but there is much more than just profit. For us, work ethics, honesty, and responsibility are paramount. If our strategic analysis shows that you don't need a specific service, we don't propose that to you, no matter how profitable it could be for us.

Design That Works

Art for art's sake, or art for people's sake? This never-ending debate can live forever, but we believe that design focused on businesses should resonate with people. Good design is one that communicates to your customer. Excellent communication through design helps the bottom line. Let's say that together! 😉

Caring For Design

Design is our true passion. That's why we value design itself as much as we value our clients. There is no such thing as 'good enough' in our book. We always seek 'better' during our eternal creative journey to perfection. The rewards along the way are happy clients with positive results.

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